Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Old Fashioned

non alcoholic old fashioned mocktail alchomy alternatives

Based on the timeless Old Fashioned, this sophisticated alcohol-free version compliments the complexity of Alchømy Oak with non-alcoholic bitters (we recommend Black Cloud Bitters based out of Calgary) and fragrant orange peal. Substituting traditional simple syrup with maple syrup gives this drink it's distinct Canadian flair.

Perfect for: Admiring your various leather-bound books by a roaring fireplace. 


2 oz | 60 ml Alchømy Oak
1/4 oz | 7.5 ml maple syrup
2-4 dashes non-alcoholic bitters
Garnish: orange peel


Combine ingredients into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir gently for 10-15 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass over ice. Express and garnish with orange peel.

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